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Our corporate goal is to be a label for the royal, globally-renowned Eyptian cotton and to offer our esteemed customers the comfort and quality they are worthy of. Comfort, quality, durability, softness and innovation are the key idiosyncrasies we endeavour to provide in every single product. This is the blend we attempt to achieve. We strongly believe that the equation of high-quality materials plus highly professional, well-equipped staff headed by wise and strongly-committed management will yield uniquely beautiful products

Establishment and History

Sammakia Bros. Co. was found in 1996 in Cairo, Egypt. The company specializes in the manufacturing and trade of circular knitting based products. For nearly 20 years, Sammakia Bros. Co. continued to add to its core competencies operating in dire competition in the cotton products marketplace in Egypt.

Under the now renowned brand name ‘embrator’, which was first introduced to the Egyptian market in 1997, the company is leading the way of innovation and creativity in manufacturing and trading of men’s underwear, home wear, and socks.

Making excellent use of the globally-branded Egyptian cotton, state-of-the-art equipment and managed by high-calibre professionals and craftsmen working through a solid network of modern showrooms, embrator over the years, succeeded in building customer trust and loyalty through a wide range of classy and elegant men’s underwear products.

In 2008 embrator   launched its’ men’s home wear products line, offering its’ customers a wide range of comfortable and elegant pyjamas, lounge wear and cotton sports wear.

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We have80+ locations all over Egypt